Oceanwide Partners with JCI Cebu Communitrees


February 29, 2020

Oceanwide VolunTrees Photo Op with Mr. Kyle Aznar
📸: Kristian Tabacolde
Oceanwide VolunTrees Photo Op with Mr. Kyle Aznar
📸: Kristian Tabacolde

Despite hectic schedule of Oceanwide Maritime Services Corp. ‘s administration and staff, the higher management had ensured that its responsibility towards the community and its environment is implemented. By the time Mr. Kyle Aznar invited Mr. Anthony Sevilla II, Oceanwide’s President, to be one of the event’s partners, the latter gave the green light without hesitation.

Pictorial after Interview with Oceanwide VolunTREES
📸: JCI Cebu Member

Oceanwide was represented by selected employees who arrived at JY Square, Lahug Cebu City on time. At 5:30 am, the volunteers left on their respective buses along with their group managers. As one of the volunteers, here’s what we experienced:

As we got closer to Brgy. Tabunan, I looked around and had to say a silent prayer 🙏🏻 while my colleague was expressing her fears and the rest were sleeping through the winding road and cliff. I was extremely overwhelmed with fear, but sometimes we are left with no option but oblige ourselves to conquer anything that comes along the way.

Upon arrival, our fears were instantly transformed into excitement. There were hundreds of volunteers from different organizations and individuals from all walks of life. Program proper started immediately. One of the highlights were the presence of the speakers, namely; Ms. Rina Mabalhin, who discussed about composting and demonstrated on making your own compost at home;

Ms. Praxedes Embalzado, whose topic was on “Raising Plants at Home” (Urban Gardeining) ;

Ms Praxedes Embalzado, on “Raising Plants at Home” (Urban Gardening)
📸 Kristian Tabacolde

Mr. Val Salares, who spoke about Cebu Terrestrial EcoSystem and gave more information on the endemic plants, especially trees in Cebu and;

CCENRO Representative’s Orientation on Proper Planting of the Seedlings
📸: Niena

a CCENRO representative, who gave his clear instructions on how to plant the seedlings properly. JCI Cebu made it clear that human safety was their first priority. “A Volunteer is not forced to continue if he/she could not physically reach the goal.”

Vantage Point from the Tree Planting Location
📸: Niena

Volunteers had to cross a narrow river before reaching the tree planting location. Here’s Oceanwide team did that made the event more fun, exciting, adventurous and succesful:

1. Fill each trade bag with 10-15 seedlings (we wanted it 15 but the bag was not thick enough to carry them) ;

2. Walk through a tiny bridge and a narrow river;

3. Climb through the mud;

4. Press the soil of the Seedling;

5. Turn it over and remove the plastic;

6. Put the seedling & soil in the hole and firmly press the soil above the roots;

7. Pull the sticks and collect them as the number of seedlings will be based on them;

8. Leave no plastic behind.

9. Program ended with a snacks and left the area at noon.

Give it up to all of us at Oceanwide Maritime Services Corporation!!!

As part of our initiatives on Corporate Social Responsibility, we have reached another milestone: SUCCESFUL PLANTING OF 144 GUYABANO SEEDLINGS in Brgy. Tabunan, Cebu City.

On behalf of Oceanwide’s Management and Staff, thank you to Mr. Kyle Aznar and JCI Cebu CommuniTREES for the opportuniTREE.







Brief Chat Interview with a Frontliner

Today, I am sharing with you my brief interview with the former beauty queen in Leyte (i.e. Miss Palompon ), who is now one the 🇺🇸’s front-liners in the fight against COVID-19.

It is indeed a privilege having her to answer few of my questions so we could grasp some information about this fight from her point of view.

Name: Jennifer H. Viacrucis

Profession: BSN RN-BC

Hometown/City: Palompon & Tacloban City, Leyte 🇵🇭

Current Location: Seattle WA. 🇺🇸

Q. 🌊Is lockdown implemented in your current location

A. 💙 No lockdown and curfew implemented in our area, only a stay home order and a list of guidelines on what are considered essential to leave our home.

Washington was considered the epicenter of the virus here in the US but we were able to flatten the curve. Social distancing was strictly implemented and responsible people followed the rules. I specifically added responsible as realistically not all people follow rules. But if people respect life, think responsibly with a common goal to preserve human life and the common good of all people, we could see a good result. I am fortunate that we live in a state with mostly good and law-abiding citizens around!

Q. 🌊 In your field of expertise, what do you think are the effects of COVID-19 pandemic?

A.💙 This pandemic will greatly affect all the people globally. We don’t have the best solution yet so far. The only thing to help lessen the gravity of this situation is to support and help each other, solidify a common goal to preserve and respect life. This is the time for altruistic behavior to be enhanced by each and everyone of us and by the whole world.

Q. 🌊Are you positive that our government can combat COVID-19?

A.💙 In my case so far, since I keep myself updated with the ongoing issues in our country, I could say that our President has done good job in responding to this COVID pandemic issue. I applaud his good governance. Even though he has no medical background and our economic situation is not at par with other countries, he took this pandemic seriously and implemented early lockdown at the expense of economic downfall. Our country doesn’t have the financial capabilities like other developed countries, but look where they are now. I hope everyone will cooperate and solidify, this is not a time for politicizing as this Corona virus is our enemy that has no boundaries! It is not about race, country, religion,gender, and position. No one has the immunity against this virus and everyone will be affected. This, hopefully our humanity is not lost at this time of crisis.

Q🌊 Do you have a message to your fellow front-liners?

A.💙 To my fellow healthcare workers, I know this a tough and challenging times for us but we have to reflect why we chose this field, manage our fears and anxiety and accept the moral responsibility to the care and service that our community needs most from us. We must also ensure that we are safe both physically and emotionally so we can go through this situation intact ,strong, empowered and energized.

Q. 🌊Before we end this interview, do you have a motivational saying to share to our stakeholders and followers?

A.💙 To each and everyone of us, we have a moral obligation to do our part to ensure a bright and thriving future. I wish everyone the very best during these challenging times. God bless us all!!











✍🏻: ©️ ηIena

📸: Jennifer 🇺🇸

Reusable Straw vs. Plastic Straw

Finally purchased a four-piece set of straws that comes with a tiny brush for personal use.

My New Eco-Friendly Set of Straws

Few months ago, I immediately ceased the usage of plastic straw after reading one article that claims that it causes wrinkles.


Avocado Smoothie with Rude Health Oats & Chia Seeds


It is ironic because I know that plastic straw can harm our environment  and by frequently using it means I will have more lip lines and wrinkles. I wish I  could discard it in a snap of my fingers! But when it comes to Smoothies, It cannot be fully satisfying  if I just sip it from a mason jar or glass.

My conclusion in this matter is that,  I turn to my stainless steel straw only as a last ditch effort.  This is part of my advocacy in preserving the environment and my path to improving my health.

Credit to the #5MinuteBeachCleanup founder, Ms. Carolina Sevilla. You are such an inspiration!

Set of extra tiny brushes from the local market with affordable price.


If you are interested to buy, please send a private message  on Naxlla’s Corner’s page:





Hon. Ramon C. Oñate of Palompon, Leyte

I joined the “Alyansa sa NAgpakabanang Kabataan (ANAK)” when Hon. Ramon C. Oñate first ran for office in the early 90s. I was one of those who believed in him. One of the challenges that we had to face was to just shrug off the negative opinions about our group. We would go from one village to another and speak up on his behalf. It was apparent that he would make Palompon amazing one day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the night of his first victory party, I ended up singing“Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko”. I could barely remember the entire rendition and I would rather not because it’s too embarrassing to recall whether I hit the right notes or not.

Inaugural Mass in St. Francis Xavier Parish Church before the Victory Party was held. (Me, on the left) – In the Early ‘90s

He was the first Mayor who I voted for when I first exercised my right of suffrage.

Municipal Mayor’s Office – May 2018

Thank you M.O. for making Palompon amazingly great! You have been a great leader from the very beginning and you haven’t changed a bit, KAHIT MAPUTI NA ANG BUHOK MO.

#YoungestMayor #inhis20s

The Tiny Notebook “with a Personal Power inside”

Gone are the  the days when I was struggling  to make ends meet due to low financial income. As a single mother, I did not have enough funds to provide my kids’ basic needs.  

In 2005, I had to leave my hometown to seek for a better opportunity in Manila.

One day, I sought  my younger brother’s financial assistance after being informed about this training.  It took one month but it was like spending  four years in order to  pass.  Just imagine how the class reacted when our teacher announced that all of us should take the remedial exam. Luckily, some of us made it.

Before the topic discussion, we watched the movie, “Rudy”.


I highly recommend  this movie to people from all walks of life.

2 Controlling Forces in Life 

  1. Pain
  2.  Pleasure

Comprehensive Communications Training May 2005. INFORMATICS, ROBINSON’S ERMITA

A brief story about myself on how I survived from my painful experiences as a mother. IG: naxlla527

My Little Angel

I started writing this poem when I was pregnant with my first child. This was published on campus publication, “The Technician”, in Palompon Institute of Techonology.   This poem is for both of you, Bryle Keanu and Edward Arnielius. I love you!

I have  a little angel;

So sweet and so tender;

To love him is no wonder;

For he feels what I feel.

You couldn’t hear his voice;

You couldn’t see his face;

You couldn’t feel his grace;

But I could say, “he brings peace!”.

Yes, he’s an angel to me;

The only guidance that I see;

He’s just not around me;

But he is  also inside me.

You don’t know how excited I am;

To let him see the sun;

To let him be a complete  human;

And to let him  be the greatest one!

My firstborn, Bryle Keanu. (Left:1997/ Right: 2016)

With him, there is much 


With him, I overcome sadness;

For him, I will do my best;

So please my angel, be at my side always.

I admit I’ve made mistakes;

Bygones are lessons that I take;

Which today, my only love, my only faith;

Always and forever, keeping my angel safe.

My second child, Edward Arnielius. (Left: 2001/ Right: 2016)

This I proclaim day and night;

He’ll be my only child of light;

He’ll be the only song I like;

Bringing joy to my life.

My fervent thanks to the Lord forever;

For having done this piece with his mighty power;

For sending me a little angel;

For protecting us, my Lord, my shelter.

– Niena